In Conformità Ltd specialises in compliance and regulatory services. It draws from a pool of staff who has extensive experience in designing, implementing and auditing of Compliance Programmes in organisations. Our field of expertise ranges from Financial Institutions to Real Estate Developers.


In Conformità is your compliance partner to accompany you in your compliance and risk journey within your organisation for a sustainable growth.


Regulatory and compliance checks and balances

Training and Refresher Courses

FATCA/CRS Reporting

Independent compliance audit

Digitalised Business Risk Assessment tool

Drafting of Manuals, Policies and Procedures

Client Risk Assessment


The world of compliance and risk management is gearing towards a bold future. Being reactive is no longer enough. Compliance and Risk are now at the core of any business strategy. In Conformità Ltd will help address the increasing demands and issues faced by companies willing to navigate the tides of reforms and regulatory measures from a project based perspective. Our aim is to provide an efficient outsourced service in relation to compliance and risk.



Head – Compliance, Sustainability & Innovation​


Senior Manager – AML / CFT​


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Regulatory and compliance checks and balances

• Devise and implement a comprehensive AML / CFT

• Devise, implement and monitor compliance plans.

• Provide ongoing support and guidance for AML / CFT
compliance regarding authorities.

• Assist company in dealing with regulatory visits.

Training and Refresher Courses

• AML / CFT Risk Management

• Data Protection Framework

• Legal and Regulatory Updates

FATCA/CRS Reporting​

Assistance to comply with US Foreign Account Tax
Compliance Act (FATCA) & OECD Common Reporting
Standards (CRS):

• Apply the prescribed due diligence rules and completing the
‘Self-Certification’ exercise;

• Design and implement internal processes and procedures to
ensure compliance under FATCA/CRS;

• Assist in compiling, assessing, validating and reporting the
reportable information under FATCA/CRS to the competent
authorities in XML format.

Independent compliance audit​

• Run an independent onsite AML / CFT audit

• Run a Consultancy and Project Development programme

Client Risk Assessment​

• Digitalised Client Screening, profiling and enhanced due