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DTOS Roadshows in October 2019

DTOS visiting intermediaries and clients in UK

A series of events held at venues across the UK and France was organised by DTOS in October this year. With the support of our European Desk in France, DTOS wanted to reconnect with existing clients, intermediaries and well-wishers, with a view to promote further new offerings from the jurisdiction of Mauritius and allied regional branches in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. The delegation from DTOS was further reinforced by giants in the hospitality and financial sectors in Mauritius.


Cocktail event at Patrick Mavros, London

In terms of venue in Great Britain, we chose the flagship shop of Patrick Mavros, in the south west of London, showcasing mind blowing artefacts from Africa and quite a distinguishing mark of African luxury brands.

However, behind the luxury lies the human purpose of finding a cozy place to talk about Mauritius and serenity in structuring businesses, exquisite homes and make people spend priceless moments on the island.

The intervention of Xavier Lagesse as Head of Communication and Marketing was centered on the fiduciary services relating to setting up a business in Mauritius or in Africa or even engaging into real estate investments. Furthermore, he also emphasized on the golden possibility to manage businesses found in Africa through domiciliation in Mauritius.

It was a moment for DTOS to renew with existing friendships found in the UK and introduce key value propositions to new acquaintances.  
After an eventful evening and with scheduled meetings in the capital, the delegation led by DTOS continued its roadshow in France which consisted mainly of golf competitions on three prestigious golf courses across the country. The delegation also attended other business dinner functions which were mere tokens of the French legendary hospitality and ”accueil”.

Golf Events in France

The Anahita Golf Cup by Emirates and DTOS started off at the Paris International Golf Course (PIGC) and players who flew in from nearby countries were more than happy with the wonderful moments they gathered along the fantastic golf jaunt. Our managing director, Mr Jimmy Wong was among the numerous participants from Mauritius and expressed his joy for the bonding that the event brought among avid players and thanked them for their participation. Such events will be part of our hospitality to our community of clients and well-wishers, Jimmy added.


Invitation sent in France with a bird’s eye view of Anahita in Mauritius


Our next golf meeting was held in Lyon-Salvagny on the 13th of October, attended by another set of players from different corners of France and Europe at large. Players seized some great opportunities to score some birdies and some of them saved their day with a handful of pars. We were glad to take stock of another great news whereby one of our client made the cut to a brilliant prize offered by Anahita Mauritius.  

During the days that led to the golf events, our delegation had the opportunity to attend a brilliant function held at the Ritz in Paris. The idyllic venue was synonymous of the true class as often portrayed in great business meetings. The night promised some exciting meet-ups combined with some interesting conversations and  speeches. The delegation was quite glad to have succeeded in encouraging some attendants to join us very soon on the island. 


The last golf competition was in Versailles and was cancelled due to bad climatic conditions. The competition has been re-scheduled and dates will be communicated very soon by the Anahita, Emirates, and DTOS team.

DTOS had another reason to stay back in Paris in this month of October as winter was setting in. We responded positively to the invitation to attend the sumptuous dinner organised by the Chinese Business Club. The list of invitees was impressive and numerous heads of French and Chinese conglomerates attended the function.  The focal point during the gathering remained the intervention of Mr Sebastien Bazin, CEO of AccorHotels. According to Sebastien, ”The first hotel group in the next 15 years will be Chinese, and it is a good thing”.

Date of publication: 30 October 2019
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