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Funds & Financial Institutions

We offer a full range of administration, accounting and investor relations services to private equity funds, hedge funds and other regulated entities.

Our Funds & Financial Institutions team has experience in launching and administering regulated entities in Mauritius. The team is committed to providing day to day services which include –

  • Incorporation and administration
  • Secretarial and registrar services
  • Accounting and tax services
  • Directorship services
  • Net Asset Value calculation using fund accounting software
  • Administration of funds domiciled outside Mauritius

Our subject matter expert:

Lina HOW
Head - Funds & Financial Institutions, DTOS Ltd

Client Risk Assessment​

• Digitalised Client Screening, profiling and enhanced due

FATCA/CRS Reporting​

Assistance to comply with US Foreign Account Tax
Compliance Act (FATCA) & OECD Common Reporting
Standards (CRS):

• Apply the prescribed due diligence rules and completing the
‘Self-Certification’ exercise;

• Design and implement internal processes and procedures to
ensure compliance under FATCA/CRS;

• Assist in compiling, assessing, validating and reporting the
reportable information under FATCA/CRS to the competent
authorities in XML format.

Independent compliance audit​

• Run an independent onsite AML / CFT audit

• Run a Consultancy and Project Development programme

Training and Refresher Courses

• AML / CFT Risk Management

• Data Protection Framework

• Legal and Regulatory Updates