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The United Arab Emirates has become one of the world’s most important business hubs in recent years, attracting many companies from all over the globe. Kenyan companies looking to expand their international business can benefit greatly from establishing a presence in UAE.

Kenyan companies looking to expand internationally need to consider three critical factors.

  1. Ensuring competitiveness.
  2. Maximising visibility.
  3. Selecting a jurisdiction with world class infrastructure and legal and tax framework.

Ensuring competitiveness

Ensuring competitiveness is one of the main factors businesses must consider when providing services to international clients. UAE is home to a vibrant and competitive business environment and is recognised as a vital trade route between Asia, Europe, and Africa, acting as an international hub between the three continents and attracting diverse potential customers and businesses. This makes it an ideal location for Kenyan companies looking to establish themselves in the international market.

The UAE’s business-friendly environment, diverse talent pool, and favourable tax rates make it an attractive destination for businesses looking to offer their services at competitive rates. An important factor that makes UAE companies more competitive for providing services to international clients is that there is no Value Added Tax on export of services.

Boosting visibility

UAE offers excellent opportunities for Kenyan organisations looking to boost their visibility in the international market and grow their client base, and the city’s innovative strategies and state-of-the-art infrastructure make it easy for companies to connect to a global audience.

There were nearly 25,000 African companies registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce in 2021, with the number increasingly rapidly year on year.

UAE’s fast-growing international business community is also a hub for numerous marketing and networking events, which provide businesses with a platform to showcase their services to potential clients and establish valuable partnerships.

Selecting a jurisdiction with world class infrastructure and legal and tax framework.

United Arab Emirates has a robust and well-defined legal and tax system and is constantly working on keeping up with the international best practices. Kenyan firms looking to do their international businesses through United Arab Emirates can have full visibility on the legal requirements and tax compliance.

How do you set up in United Arab Emirates?

If you want to expand your business internationally and take advantage of the significant benefits and set up your business in United Arab Emirates, it is essential that you consult with qualified local professionals who understand your business and existing market.

While United Arab Emirates has significantly improved the business set-up process, you must complete several critical steps to be fully set up, compliant, and ready to go from day one.

How can DTOS help with your business set-up in United Arab Emirates?

DTOS has been helping enterprises and entrepreneurs develop their business operations across East Africa, the Middle East and Mauritius for three decades. DTOS has offices in the United Arab Emirates and East Africa (covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda).

This puts DTOS in a unique position to help Kenyan companies set up in the UAE. You can meet with DTOS’ expert local team in the UAE or Kenya and receive advice on the best business set-up and structure in the UAE.

There are several benefits to using a professional, expert, local company. These include:

  • Save time and money. DTOS will get you fully set up in the UAE, ensuring you have everything you need, from the correct business licence to the appropriate structure and anything and everything else in between.
  • Leverage local knowledge. DTOS’ qualified accountants and company secretaries will ensure that your business is 100% legally compliant while ensuring you are maximising your profitability.
  • Receive impartial advice. DTOS is hub agnostic, meaning we don’t hold special arrangements or agreements with any free zone or institution. This ensures we provide objective and unbiased advice and recommendations for our clients.
  • No hidden costs. We believe in transparency and operate on a ‘fixed fee’ model, meaning there are no hidden costs when setting up in the UAE.
  • Multi-language. Our team speaks English, Arabic, and French. We will ensure that all documentation is clear to you in your language before you sign.
  • Additional services. DTOS services aren’t limited to helping clients set up. We can also support you with your local business plan, attracting investors, risk management, and accountancy services.

Are you a Kenyan business looking to maximise your international growth and expansion?

Speak to Terry Antionette, Managing Director of DTOS UAE. Terry and the DTOS regional teams are here to help you and your business succeed.

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