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Trusts are recognised in Mauritius under the Trust Act 2001. They are versatile and efficient vehicles used in the wealth management arena.

We provide a one-stop quality service to cater for our private clients’ global needs. Through our subsidiary, DTOS Trustees Ltd, we offer a complete range of wealth management services, including the following: –

  • Assist in the setting up of several types of Trusts in Mauritius, e.g. Discretionary, Purpose, Charitable.
  • Act as qualified trustees for trusts.
  • Assist in the migration of trusts from other jurisdictions to Mauritius.
  • Assist in the setting up of Private Trust Companies (PTC) and Family offices in Mauritius.
  • Proactive management and administration of trusts.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting services.
  • Tax compliance and computation and filing, where required.
  • For trusts located in other jurisdictions, DTOS is able to provide for back-office support in the form of accounting, tax, administration, and compliance services.
  • Provide Family Offices with back office support e.g. accounting, administration, taxation.