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Global Headquarters Administration

With a strong finance sector and business environment, Mauritius has become a popular location for global corporations to maintain their regional headquarters.

A multinational headquartered in Mauritius is required, as a legal prerequisite, to provide at least 3 of the following services to at least 3 related entities: –

  • Administration and general management;
  • Business planning and development and coordination;
  • Economic or investment research and analysis;
  • Services related to international corporate headquarters in Mauritius;

A regional headquarter benefits from an 8-year tax holiday, subject to meeting specific prescribed requirements.

DTOS will assist in providing a full and comprehensive range of services which will include:

  • Company formation.
  • Provision of registered office, company secretary and resident directors.
  • Management and administration services.
  • Tax and accounting services.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory and tax residency requirements in Mauritius.