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Investment Holding

Investment holding structures, being one of the most popular vehicles set up through the Mauritian financial centre and duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission, allows corporate, institutional and individual clients to hold their investment through the Premier Investment hub in Africa.

A very stable environment, strong regulatory framework, free repatriation of capital, competitive tax rates, access to a wide treaty network, investment promotion and protection agreements, are factors that provide the ideal platform for cross-border investments.

We assist our clients in:

  • Company structuring and formation (Global Business Company, Authorised Company, Protected Cell Company)
  • Provision of nominee shareholders, registered office address, Company Secretary, resident directors, Corporate Director
  • Management and administrative service for companies (including opening and operation of bank account)
  • Statutory corporate secretarial work
  • Compliance with Mauritian laws, regulations and licensing conditions
  • Accounting services and tax compliance

Client Risk Assessment​

• Digitalised Client Screening, profiling and enhanced due

FATCA/CRS Reporting​

Assistance to comply with US Foreign Account Tax
Compliance Act (FATCA) & OECD Common Reporting
Standards (CRS):

• Apply the prescribed due diligence rules and completing the
‘Self-Certification’ exercise;

• Design and implement internal processes and procedures to
ensure compliance under FATCA/CRS;

• Assist in compiling, assessing, validating and reporting the
reportable information under FATCA/CRS to the competent
authorities in XML format.

Independent compliance audit​

• Run an independent onsite AML / CFT audit

• Run a Consultancy and Project Development programme

Training and Refresher Courses

• AML / CFT Risk Management

• Data Protection Framework

• Legal and Regulatory Updates