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Mauritius Domestic Companies

A domestic company, also known as a local company, is an entity incorporated under the laws of Mauritius by the Registrar of Companies and governed by the Companies Act 2001, the Business Registration Act 2002, the Income Tax Act 1995 and the Value Added Tax Act, amongst other legislations.

A domestic company is used for conducting activities with Mauritius residents such as trading, consultancy services, investment holding, acquisition of immovable property under the Property Development Scheme in Mauritius amongst others. A domestic company can also apply for a Freeport License for warehousing, transhipment and/or transformation of products in the Freeport Sector in Mauritius.

Features of a domestic company:

  • No minimum stated capital requirement
  • Minimum of one (1) resident director required
  • Minimum of one (1) shareholder required who can be a non-resident of Mauritius
  • File an annual return with the
  • Registrar of Companies, audited accounts required if turnover is above MUR 50 Million
  • Liable to corporate income tax at 15%