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Payroll Administration

The outsourcing of payroll management allows our clients to focus on their core activities whilst the payroll specialists within the DTOS team leverage on their expertise own the following processes on their behalf:

  • Liaising with the Human Capital Management division of the client to integrate data from their Employee Self Service platform, from their time and attendance systems with our online / web-based payroll portal;
  • Calculating accurately the payroll (wages, salaries, overtime, workers’ compensation and other benefits) based on agreed pay periods, generating paychecks and preparation of bank instructions;
  • Processing and dispatch of payslips and e-payslips;
  • Filing and remittance of statutory deductions and any related payroll taxes to ensure compliance with the local rules and regulations.

The above payroll processing and payroll outsourcing services are entrusted to a dedicated subsidiary of the DTOS group, namely DTOS Outsourcing Ltd, which holds the trusted and highly respected GSS – Global Sourcing Standard issued by the Global Sourcing Association of the UK.