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Share Registry & Transfer Agent

Maintaining, updating and ensuring the integrity of the register of shareholders of any enterprise is a task requiring specialist knowledge.

Furthermore, listed entities need to avail themselves of a ‘Transfer Agent’ expert.

DTOS Registry Services Ltd, a dedicated company within the DTOS Group, is fully geared to offer the following services:

  1. Maintenance of the Share Registry
  • Providing procedural support and appropriate logistics for the maintenance of share registers
  • Amending shareholder details (e.g. address, banking details etc…) once the relevant documents are received and the changes are approved
  • Processing share transfer forms from the registration of the share transfer all the way to the issuance of the share certificate and the dispatch to the shareholders;
  • Registering share transfer forms with the relevant authorities, including other instruments affecting the ownership of the shares (e.g. pledge register, pledge agreement, affidavit);
  • Responding to queries relating to the register;
  • Compiling trade schedules to assess liquidity and marketability of shares, and preparing monthly report on foreign investments
  • Coordinating the dispatch of correspondences to shareholders such as dividend notification letters, annual reports, notice of meeting;
  • Analysing and report on the composition of the shareholding i.e. % of shareholders who are individuals, pension funds etc.
  1. Acting as a Transfer Agent
  1. Computation and Payment of Dividends
  • Calculating dividend payable to shareholders and managing the dividend payment process both by cheque and by telegraphic transfer;
  • Preparing and dispatching dividend notification letters to shareholders;
  • Attending to any queries relating to the payment of dividend to shareholders;
  • Managing any unpaid and/or unclaimed dividend amounts;
  • Preparing and filing of the Return of Dividends with the relevant authorities
  1. Corporate Actions & other administrative deliverables
  • Providing procedural support to clients on corporate actions and stock related events such as rights issue or stock splits
  • Overseeing the dispatch of annual reports and notice of meetings to shareholders
  • Providing logistical and administrative support in connection with Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Client Risk Assessment​

• Digitalised Client Screening, profiling and enhanced due

FATCA/CRS Reporting​

Assistance to comply with US Foreign Account Tax
Compliance Act (FATCA) & OECD Common Reporting
Standards (CRS):

• Apply the prescribed due diligence rules and completing the
‘Self-Certification’ exercise;

• Design and implement internal processes and procedures to
ensure compliance under FATCA/CRS;

• Assist in compiling, assessing, validating and reporting the
reportable information under FATCA/CRS to the competent
authorities in XML format.

Independent compliance audit​

• Run an independent onsite AML / CFT audit

• Run a Consultancy and Project Development programme

Training and Refresher Courses

• AML / CFT Risk Management

• Data Protection Framework

• Legal and Regulatory Updates